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최종 수정일: 2023년 3월 21일

제목 : Predictive Aircraft Maintenance: Integrating Remaining-Useful-Life Prognostics into Maintenance Opimization

연사 : 이주성 박사 (네덜란드 델프트대학, TU Delft)

장소: 기계관 306호

일시: 2월 20일 (월) 오후 4시


Aircraft maintenance is crucial for efficient and safe flights. Currently, aircraft maintenance is based on periodic inspections and replacements, namely time-based maintenance (TBM). However, as TBM is expensive due to the frequent maintenance tasks, a better maintenance strategy is necessary. A new promising strategy is predictive maintenance (PdM). Under PdM strategy, the health conditions of aircraft components are monitored by onboard sensors. The health condition data are analyzed to predict remaining-useful-life (RUL) of components. Given the predicted RUL, maintenance can be performed at the optimal moment, ideally just before the end-of-life. Two major challenges of PdM are reliable RUL predictions and optimization of dynamic maintenance schedules. This presentation proposes RUL prognostic methods for landing gear brakes and engines. Also, predictive maintenance planning using RUL is optimized at component, fleet, and strategy levels. Finally, we will discuss the remaining challenges to realize predictive aircraft maintenance.

이주성 - Predictive Aircraft Maintenance - Eng & Kor
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