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한국항공대학교 기계항공산업
신뢰성기술 연구센터


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Center for Reliability Engineering in Mechanical and Aerospace industry (CREMA) was formed in 2010 motivated by BK21 scholarshop grant that educates graduate students for reliability engineering in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Although CREMA mainly conducts research for lifecycle reliability engineering including reliability prediction, design for reliability, reliability assessment and optimal maintenance techniques, the research covers a wide range of subjects centered around the reliability issue, which involves thermal/fluids engineering, rocket propulsion, control engineering, and materials/structures and design. Over the last three years, the CREMA has received remarkable three million dollars projects and grants from diverse sources and participates in a number of national and industry programs. CREMA is currently staffed by 12 faculties from various engineering subjects, who are mostly in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

thermal and fluid mechanics: micro and nano heat transfer,

micro/multiphysics flow, turbulence control and combustion

rocket propulsion: propulsion and combustion control,

high speed propulsion and combustion control, hybird rocket

control: signal processing and active control, aerospace system and control

materials, structures and design: welding engineering, Dry Coating,

multi-physics simulation and design optimization


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